Scatchard and Scatcherd Family Trees in North America
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SCATCHERD Family Tree in North America

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08/26/17 View Kitty Jarvis Blair's obit here.

                  KITTY BLAIR, ONE OF A KIND

     One day way back in 2010 while working on the Scatcherd family trees out here in California, I received an email from one Kitty Blair in Toronto, praising me no end for the genealogical work I had done on her family tree. I really did not know where she fit into this immediately, being a Blair, but I soon found out Kitty’s mother, Margaret was a Scatcherd.

     Little did I know at that time that Kitty would become a great friend and THE go to person for the Labatt and Jarvis pages of my website. I cannot begin to relate the contributions she made to the effort, but from 2010 thru late 2016 we exchanged over 600 emails where she flushed out many a detail on relatives, attached vintage family pictures and documents and, at the same time, sent along internet jokes and current events which tipped off the “old fashioned conservatism” that we had in common.

     In addition, she sent my wife and me over the hill to the Seavey Vinyards here in St Helena, California to meet old family friends Dorie and Art Seavey. We toured their spread one day, after which gift bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon started showing up on our doorstep from time to time, gifts from Kitty. She also sent Labatt baseball caps from the London brewery’s gift shop to my brother (co-worker on the Trees) and me and many parcels of paperwork stuffed with genealogical gems. Then came an autographed book from Arthur Labatt himself and a fully fleshed out Jarvis Family Tree from the honorable David Jarvis. Then there were the Christmas party pictures that she somehow shook loose from Bev from Western Ontario U’s exclusive Labatt collection. It just went on and on.

     Sadly, I never met Kitty face to face, but I felt a lot closer than the far-distant cousins that we were, and Im going to miss her terribly.

06/13/16 View David Scatcherd's obit here.

As of February 28, 2011, almost 7 years after starting this project, we can finally report that all SCATCHERDs living in North America are now accounted for. On that day, a Facebook message came in from Alison Scatcherd McMullen, living in Oakville, Ontario, completing the active Tree. This leaves us with only 1 individual still unaccounted for.....James from the 1800s. Check the UNPLACED LIST for details. But, of course, these Trees are NEVER totally done as things change constantly with births, deaths and marriages. Plus, there is plenty of detail information still missing, therefore help from the "field" is still going to be needed. Please email us with any updates or missing information you may have.

In addition to the our team members shown on Page 1, we'd like to extend a "Thank You" to the following SCATCHERDs who emailed in valuable information: Tamara, Angela, April, Jennifer, Jim, Jack, Steve and John. Non-SCATCHERDs who helped out big time include David Jarvis, Helene Bushnell, Ann Steimel, Karen Jackson, and Gabrielle Morse.

En Février 28, 2011, presque 7 ans après le début de ce projet, nous pouvons enfin signaler que tous les êtres vivants SCATCHERDs en Amérique du Nord sont désormais comptabilisées. Ce jour-là, un message Facebook est venu en de Alison Scatcherd McMullen, qui vivent à Oakville, en Ontario, en complétant l'arbre active. Cela nous laisse avec seulement 4 personnes toujours portées disparues ..... mais toutes d'un lointain passé. Consultez la liste non placées pour plus de détails. Mais, bien sûr, ces arbres ne sont jamais totalement fait que les choses changent constamment avec les naissances, les décès et les mariages. Plus, il ya beaucoup d'informations détaillées manquent encore, donc l'aide du «terrain » est toujours en cours à nécessaires. S'il vous plaît nous envoyer un email avec des mises à jour ou des informations manquantes vous pourriez avoir.

En plus des membres de notre équipe à la page 1, nous aimerions étendre un "merci "à ce qui suit SCATCHERDs qui envoyaient à des informations précieuses: Tamara, Angela, Avril, Jennifer, Jim, Jack, Steve et John. Non-SCATCHERDs qui ont aidé tout d'un coup comprennent David Jarvis, Hélène Bushnell, Ann Steimel, Karen Jackson, et Gabrielle Morse.

      JOHN SCATCHERD  Imm. 1821 to Nissouri Township, Ontario, Canada

      THOMAS SCATCHERD  Imm. 1822 to Nissouri Township, Ontario, Canada

      LOUISA (DALBY) SCATCHERD  Imm. 1891 to East Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    L1    L2   <----Updated 2/18/19.
    Bio 1

      Six Canadian immigrants who produced no SCATCHERD offspring.

        Bio 1   <----Word Document.

The WEST NISSOURI township in 1877. Land owning Scatcherds included: Annie Belton J2-04; Edmond T2-53; Ethelwolfe J3-03; George J2-13; James Newton J2-03; Robert Colin J2-11; Thomas T2-37; William T2-43. All can be found clustered in the southwest corner surrounding Wyton. (Legend= T2-53 is Thomas Tree, No. 2-53 on chart.)

Our three immigrant relatives hailed from the parishes of either Leeds (West Riding) or Beverly (East Riding) in Yorkshire. They are located about mid-map (north to south) and are both in yellow.

  View map of the Yorkshire Parishes.
  View Yorkshire (orange) location map.
  View All Unplaced Scatcherds as Word Document.
  View Incorrectly Transcribed Names (Word Doc).
  Determine your "Cousin Relationships".

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