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"Scatch.rd Cousins!"

We, the purveyores of the Scatch.rd family trees need your help. We are not hearing from anyone out there and it becomes very difficult to keep the tree current under these circumstances. So please, if you know about any births, deaths, marriages, location changes, etc., in your branch of the tree, please take a minute and email us with particulars. We want to keep the trees as updated as possible. Best regards, Steve and Jay.

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If you're a SCATCH.RD in North America, you're in exclusive company!

94      Male=44, Female=50.
44      Male=20, Female=24.
PATRICIA A. (Thomas Tree #3-10)   b. 1925
DONALD (Thomas Tree #5-14)   b. 1930
BABY DANA (JB Thomas Tree #6-01)   b. 2013
SAWYER (Thomas Tree #6-32)   b. 2010
USA= 74, CANADA= 21.
CANADA= 34, USA= 10.
JOE & BETTY   Philadelphia 1842
JOHN & ANNE   Nissouri, Ont. 1821

Family Tree in NORTH AMERICA

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After scouring North America for almost 10 years now, we have found that just two families account for 99% of Scatch.rds who immigrated here from England, even though 57 varieties of the name are said to exist.    Both were originally penned, of course, in the 18th and 19th centuries when literate church clergy in the West Riding district of Yorkshire, England, wrote down the names of parish members for them during christenings, marriages and funerals, based on what they heard.

The two spellings (in order of frequency) are Scatchard and Scatcherd.    Furthermore, none of us studying this were surprised to find them inter-changable over time.   From one generation to the next ARDs moved to ERDs and/or vice-versa.   But there can be no doubt that, if you go back far enough, it is all proven to be the same family.   Click on the names at the top to jump to the Tree of your choice.

Tree members, please send over any additions or corrections AND any interesting facts about relative's lives. As you can see, we still have a lot of information missing.

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Steve Scatchard
Current to December 2014

A tip of the genealogical cap goes out to the following Scatchards for immense help with this Tree:
      Brother Jay, Arcadia, CA.
      Cousin Eric, Pottstown, PA.
      Cousin Jacquie Scatcherd, Ontario, Canada.
      Cousin-across-the-pond, Bill, London, UK.
      Researcher extraordinaire, Debbie Burr, Forest, Ontario, Canada.
      Friend indeed, Linda Colista, Dallas, TX.
      Distant cousin, Kitty Jarvis Blair, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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