Scatchard and Scatcherd Family Trees in North America

SCATCHARD Family Tree in North America

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On October 18, 2010 a milestone was reached when our genealogy team finally succeeded in placing ALL Scatchards currently living in or who have lived in North America. It took us 10 years to reach this point but these projects are never finished. Things are constantly changing (births, deaths, marriages, relocations) so we must press on. If you know something not reflected in the charts (dates, locations, missing spouses, etc) or bios, please send it along. We get alot of hits on the webpage but precious few emails with updates. Let's not allow our tree to fall too far behind.

The five sons of Joseph Burdette circa 1870.
Standing L= Joe, R=William. Seated, George, John and Henry but order not known.

There were nine emigrants: Joe, Herbert, John, Thomas, Walter, Harry, Benjamin, Harriot and Margaret from the West Riding of Yorkshire, UK, who account for all Scatchards living in North America past and present. The five in red went on to produce Scatchard offspring. Click on the underlined text below to see each particular branch of the Tree. If you need to locate a specific name, use the Alphabetical Index back on the main page.

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              JOE BURDETTE  Imm. 1842 to Philadelphia, PA.     <---Updated 6/17/18
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          HERBERT FRANCIS  Imm. 1881 to Roanoke, VA.     <---Updated 4/01/20

          JOHN BENJAMIN THOMAS  Imm. 1883 to Brooklyn, NY.     <---Updated 04/01/20

          THOMAS EDWARD  Imm. 1887 to Utica, NY.     <---Updated 4/01/20

          WALTER H.  Imm. 1907 to Chase, B.C. Canada.     <---Updated 6/17/18

          Six immigrants who produced no SCATCHARD offspring.

    All our relatives hailed from the parishes of Pontefract, Wakefield, Dewsbury or Tadcaster. They are all located in the West Riding, in the south-central part of the Yorkshire map.

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